Online Booking & Scheduling System

Our Booking and Scheduling System is a specifically designed system to suite the unique needs of Businesses & Industries. It is user-friendly software that covers all aspects of running a busy salon  from treatment scheduling to comprehensive management analysis.

This System is the essential management solution that will transform your salon into a fantastic business.

Salient Features

  1. Resource Management
  2. Comprehensive Point Of sale
  3. Wait List And Turn-away Tracking
  4. Membership Management
  5. Sophisticated Scheduling
  6. Complete Customer  History
  7. Multi-user
  8. Bulk Email Facility
  9. Managing Inventory records
  10. SMS Messaging Facility
  11. Mobile Smartphone Integration

Calendar Console Management System Add-ons Software
Activity Scheduling
Staff and room Allocation
Point of Sale
Waiting Lists
Beautician Availability
Linking Appointments
Bulk Email FacilityBulk Email Facility
Staff and Appointment Details
SMS Text Messaging
Maintaining Client History
Inventory Management & Control
Managing Holidays
Spa Reports

Applicable for:

Doctors Hospitals Hotels Event Management