Document Management System

Demerg Systems specializes in custom designing Document Management Software (DMS).

They are designed from the ground up after the client has defined his specific requirements. We assist enterprises seeking to manage the creation, storage and retrieval of information stored in the form of documents.

A DMS revolves a centralized repository that is designed to manage the storage of information that is of value to the enterprise . . . and more importantly to protect the same against loss.

Our design team focuses on creating a system that promotes the finding and sharing of information easily. We do this using sophisticated search tools and optimizing the classification of documents stored.

document management software

Salient features of our Document Management Software:

Metadata means the data used to describe the document. This data is stored at the file level at the time of digitization of document. Out system is able to read the metadata used in case of search/retrieval.

Key words are used to index the folders, and the documents within the folder. The Key words may be alphanumeric. Because these need to be meaningful to the end user, they are selected in close consultation with the client. The system recognizes these indices and allows searching of filing cabinets, then folders within the filing cabinets, and documents within the folders.

Storage involves management of the saved documents in the system. Allows you to choose location to store according to the selection criteria and architecture of the organization as configured in the document management system.

Retrieval / Search
Our document management occupies unique features for retrival of document based on parameters set for the document. Setting the right metadata for the document enables easy retrieval of documents saved. System also allows for basic to complex level search approach.

Allowing user to distribute it across multiple platforms or compatible systems for interchanging document between the different entities.

The most vital part of the system where no level of compromise is possible. Document security is our top priority. Having right users access the right document and enabling only provide access to the document is the key to security of the system. Also providing complete protection over manipulation of alteration of documents on the system.
Our Specialized Security Audit procedures ensures that the DMS is Anti Hacking patched enabled system.

No document is final and there is always a scope for its revision being produced on timely basis. Our DMS allows for complete versioning of document to be maintained in the system.