Holiday Station

Holiday Station are tours & travel service providers with our network in Goa, Maharashtra, & Gujarat. We aim at giving our clients & travel partners professional service & value for their money. We offer Domestic & Internati...

BC Jain Ecommerce Website

BC Jain Ecommerce Website is a general purpose e-commerce store where customers can browse to the catalog and buy the products

Ravindra Bhavan Sankhali

The Ravindra Bhavan Sankhali aim at fostering, developing and promoting dance, music, literature and fine art and to encourage and assist production of new play by awarding prizes and distinction.

National Health Mission

Official website National Health Mission. Govt of Goa India

Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism, Governament of Goa

Captain of Ports Department

The Captain of Ports, Government of Goa was established in 1912, way back in pre-liberation times. Formerly known as "Capitao dos Portos" the Captain of Ports has come a long way and carved a niche for itself as a self sufficient department. The Captain of Ports Department has earned a revenue of 7.7 crores during the last financial year.

Consultant Cardiovascular, Endovascular and General Thoracic (Chest) Surgeon.

Dr.Irineu A.Pereira is a Consultant Cardiovascular, Endovascular and General Thoracic (Chest) Surgeon.

Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd.

State Transport Undertaking of the state of Goa.

Steel Mac Projects

Steelmac Industries began it operations in Goa, in 1999, it has created a comfortable niche for itself while providing a one – stop solution for all Engineering & Manufacturing.

Dorotas Spa

Dorota's Spa offers variety of treatments that will sooth, relax, and revitalize you from head to toe

Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services

Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services, Dept of Goa, prevents and suppresses unwanted fires by rendering prompt and efficient services so as to keep the loss of life and property to the minimum.

Polar Bear Habitat

The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat is the only captive bear facility in the world dedicated solely to polar bears. The focus of the facility is to provide the best alternative environment for Polar Bears.