Software Development

Indent Workflow Management System

Online indent Workflow system is a software for managing of indents / orders of the material procured

Spa Scheduling And Booking System

Spa Booking and Scheduling System, specifically designed to suite the unique needs of the spa industry. It is user-friendly software that covers all aspects of running a busy salon from treatment scheduling to comprehensive management analysis.

Repair Estimate Engineering Tool

Jewellery Management System

The main aspect is to maintain and keep a track on the items produced and sold by the jewellery store. The system helps in maintaining a complete inventory of gold items at the store along with custom items produced on order by the jewellery merchant. The system also generates reports for the inventory of the items sold and for the orders in place. The reports generated are based on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Revenue Management System

RMS can be used for various purposes like tax collection and other such billing collections. This System reduces the effort of generating the Bills manually hence saving time

E-municipality System

A foolproof tried and tested E-Governance system for Municipal corporation to deal with Revenue management, Internal process management & Public communication and awareness building